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Nice tune

Iv'e only really just got into this style of music im more used to analogue recording than digital so take my opinion at your leisure...

For starters this tune should be longer, i think the chords are probably nice enough to expand on a little more, only problem is it needs more variation. The automation is really nice but maybe somemore melodic ideas or a breakdown/ keychange involving afew more chords, maybe some maj7's or 9's, straying a little from the well trodden path, or somethign like that. Then briging it back to the original theme with all the intrumentation going on, it'd sound really nice and powerfull but stil have that mellowed out feel.

I'll stop whining now...
Great Tune!

This should have been alot better

The Guitare riffs at the begining are superb, i dont get why you felt the need to try and make i rocky so soon, if you have a longer build up (so long as it doesnt take the piss) it makes the contrast of the rocky section more musically satisfying. You should really re-rcord this as the whole bit in power chords is out of time with the drums and it could be excellent so its worth the hassle. Also i dont quite get whats going on with your mix things kept fading in an out when you should have got a sudden change or no change at all. If this is a problem because your only using a four track come up with a way of mixing everything down onto one track, if youve got a hi-fi at home that records onto tape use that. Also a change in key or chord progression would be good if your to lengthen out the piece. Any way I'll stop whining, you should re-record this it would be excellent if you did.

AndieCiambotti responds:

Well, thanks for the advice.
The truth is that this was my first song, done with crappy mp3 acoustica mixer, me on guitar and drums and I can't believe I have a score of 5/5.
Thanks everyone for voting! I sincerily didn't expect to actually have a better score that Alan, I can't believe that.

Thanks to everyone!


I think this is really effective. The piano, string and voice midi is very cool + haunting, however the midi drums suck. Even so they need turning up in the mix. You should get someone to play the drum score for you, this is really good stuff and is probably worth the hassle.

Slayer-of-trolls responds:

Hah. You're like the 5th person to say that about the drums. I'd like to play this with a real drummer for sure. So we'll see... Thanks for the review!

No Bass?

The musicianship on this track is really good and i kinda like the song but it would have sounded so much better had you put a bassline in with it. Even like a midi bass rooting the chords would do. Still V.good song and well recorded


Has noone else heard "baby got back". This cover is hillarious, sadly not quite as good as the richard cheese version. The drum fills are pritty cool though.

Too Fast

This sounds like it could potentially be a really good song but it needs recording again. The mix is pritty diabolical and in parts things are out of time. It's also way too fast, alot of the time it sounds like the rythm sections ahead of everyone else in the band. I also think it would benifit the song and help the clarity if you did.


That was such a good idea, unfortunatly for you it was kinda badly done.

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