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Funny as fook

I'm a huge sonic fan, and i never imagined sonic having a northen accent after seeing all the crappy american T.V. shows so, but saying that i thought his voice was killer, as were all the others. Also a very good choice of music in the flash. The nose thing really made me cringe (dunno... maybe im just a pussy?) but it was still funny, all the jokes were good actually - especially the amy suicide. Nice one dude.

Very Insightfull

This was so utterly brittish, still awesomely funny though, very dry humour. Some of the comments in the film were really truthfull aswell, like the "from here to the contstruction site" which sums up brittish youth in gerneral really. Your best flash by far, its still dark but more story focused. Top bombing.

Great Movie

This was great, the question does beg what makes you think of a concept like this? I was a little annoyed by the perdictable ending, though i suppose it suited the film. Another excellent flash anyway.


This must be the worst and mosy poorly rated movie of all time that escaped blamming.

TeddyRob responds:




Sure smokings bad for you, but i dont think its your place to lecture people about what do do with there lives. With more of a moral you could have at least impacted you message a little more too. Could have been better.


My only problem was that you didnt do the whole song, great "the wall" style animation going on there. It'd be even sweeter if you did do the whole song. You could even do the wish you were here album but thats probably going a little too far. Good tuff

Loved it

Not maybe so much the animations, though they were good, more the style in which they were presented and the thoughts, ideas and concepts that went into producing them. The animation where labels were destroyed to produce colours was especially good.


I think the name really says it all.

So Good

Wow, not only was the animation absolutely fantastic but the voices were brilliant and the music you composed was good enough for any hollywood film. Fantastic animation.


Man, maybe it's cos im stoned, but that flash genuinely makes you feel really happy. The contrast between the styles of drawing and the fight + happy song worked really well too.

billyjr82 responds:

thanks dude. Even though they were basically seperate pieces, we were hoping the vast contrast between the two emotions and styles would leave you feeling more happy than normal. Glad someone felt it. Thanks for the review. ---> Ben

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